Offer for Local Government

A characteristic feature of the contemporary market is increasing competition. It applies not only to the business environment, which is the traditional area of rivalry of entities (mainly enterprises), but also new areas, including the public sector. Territorial units (countries, regions, cities, municipalities) compete for certain benefits, including:

  • access to funds (international, national),
  • external investors offering – apart from money – knowledge, new technologies, etc.,
  • location of government agencies, and others.

The most competitive territorial units are provided with financial, human and natural resources, enabling to meet the needs of residents and businesses entities.

To meet the challenges of competition, territorial units should positively stand out from others involved in the market game and strengthen their own unique position. This can be achieved by proper branding. The strong, advantageous image of a territorial unit is the key tool of achieving a competitive advantage.

It may be noticed due to the increasing competition, territorial units should be professionally managed. That also includes proper marketing activities supporting the branding process of a territorial unit.

Branding of a territorial unit is an object of ​​interest of both local and central authorities. The strong, advantageous image is nowadays the most important instrument of strategic planning and management of any territorial unit.

In response to the growing demand for not only theoretical knowledge but practical tips and suggestions as well we are eager to help the authorities interested in political management.